Who We Are
Masquerade Fundraising is the Nation’s largest $5 Jewelry & Accessories company with fundraising teams located throughout the United States. Since inception, Masquerade has partnered with hospitals to raise more than $25 million dollars for auxiliaries nationwide. Our Masquerade teams are individual owners who personally work with each hospital to strategically develop a plan to meet their specific fundraising goals.  Masquerade is fun!  Our fundraisers produce positive energy and excitement with the hospital volunteers, staff, patients, and customers.

What We Do
Masquerade consistently offers quality, variety and value while continuing to give back 20% for every piece sold.  Our teams will take you through the entire process from beginning to end.  Your Masquerade representative will personally schedule your event, provide promotional materials, coordinate your event, and most importantly listen and understand your needs while working together to make your fundraiser the most successful that it can be.

How We Can Help You
We are dedicated to the hospital community and to helping our volunteer auxiliary sponsors meet their fundraising goals.  Masquerade Fundraising is a proud Diamond sponsor of the AHVRP, a platinum sponsor of the SHVL and continues to sponsor many state, regional and local conferences across the country.  Stop by our booth at one of these events for more information on Masquerade’s unique approach to fundraising and see how we can help you exceed your fundraising goals.